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 corporation lawyer Gimjingi
  • corporation lawyer Gimjingi
  • - 1971. Seoul National University, LLB
    - 1974. Korean Bar, The Judicial Research and Training Institute
    - 1977. Judge Advocate Officer, ROK Army
    - 1977. Commissioned Judge
       Chief Judge, Juvenile Branch, Daegu District Court
       Chief Judge, Yeongdeok Branch Court, Daegu District Court
       Research Judge, Supreme Court
       Chief Judge, Gyeongju Branch Court, Daegu District Court
       Chief Branch Judge, Daegu District Court
       Chief Branch Judge, Daegu High Court
    - 2003. Chief Judge, Daegu District Court
    - 2005. Chief Judge, Daegu High Court
    - 2011. Chief Conciliator, Daegu Court Conciliation Center
    - 2015. Of Counsel, Samil Law P. C.

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